Keegan Thompson

I am a husband, web developer, dog dad, and fitness enthusaist. I grew up in Dothan, AL. and moved to Nashville TN. in 2010 for college. In high school, I played soccer, baseball, taught myself guitar, and was really into skateboarding. I originally attended Belmont University to study audio engineering, as my passion was in music. I realized that music was a tough road and honestly, I wasn't sure if I loved it enough to go down that path. As a result, I switched my major to Information Systems Management. I took classes in SQL, MS Excel, MS Access, SAP, and web developement. I started building websites as a freshman in college. Upon graduating college, I held roles as a systems analyst, data analyst, digital marketer, and founder. While holding down these roles, I was spending my nights and weekends going through tutorials, building web sites, and constructing web apps. In May of 2017, I decided to quit my full-time and attend a coding bootcamp in Nashville, The Iron Yard. After three months of code school, I accepted my first full-time offer as a Front End Engineer. Since accepting this role, I continue to learn outside of work and offer my expertise to small businesses and entrepreneurs. My expertise is in ES6 (Javascript), ReactJS, Redux, and CSS/SCSS. Web developement is my passion and I could not be more happy with my career.